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Sublingual B12 recommendations?

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Does anyone have any recommendations on sublingual B12? I hear it tates awful, for some it causes rotten nausea and there are a lot of products to choose from.

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Jarrows methyl B12 5000iu

they taste ok I think :)

I like them too :) However, this morning I realised I had forgotten to take mine until after I had just cleaned my teeth. They do not taste good after toothpaste! Very nice the rest of the time though :D

I never tried them myself I have to say LOL I am on injections :D

however I gave them to my son last year and he did not complain :D

he's also on injections now

They taste fruity. They're actually quite pleasant tasting.

...I agree !

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Im currently taking Source Naturals brand. I think I prefer them to Jarrows. Here's an Amazon link for them

If anyone uses the above link to buy, Amazon will boost thyroid UK's funds by a few pence :)

I take Holland and Barratts Vit B12 1000ug.They taste ok to me :-)

I use this spray

Solgar B12 tastes like sweets!! They dissolve very quickly, but take much longer under your lip which is better I think to get into your system fully.

Another vote for Jarrow brand. Tastes fine to me.

I love the taste of the Jarrow brand too x

I am currently using Jarrow brand too.. but as it's got xyliltol in it it swells my stomach so going to swtich to something else...have IBS so hence the sensitivity.

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