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quick question re. blood results

My latest blood test results are TSH-0.16 T4-17.9 freeT4-4.8 . I am taking 50 mcg. Levo per day and my TSH has been steadily falling for the past few months. I am under a lot of stress and don't have any anti-bodies. I am wondering if I ought to reduce my dose a bit as I do feel very anxious but that could be circumstances. Thanks , Jax

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I would be asking my doctor that question. If you feel that you are overmedicated on just 50mcg's then your GP needs to know.

Moggie x


Have you got any ranges? Your TSH is low and Ft's a little high but not out of the ranges of most labs. Have you any previous test to compare when you felt good - ie your 'set point' which you can use to guide you. I would say you are a little over medicated, you can split your 50 mcg pills, get a pill spliter from the chemist, or take 50 mcg on alternate days. I wouldn't get the doc to lower the prescription but just adjust yourself and see how you feel but you must see your doc if you feel bad as thyrotoxicosis is dangerous Have you a fast heart rate, sweaty, trembly at all? Read below but don't panic just be aware.

You have no antibodies? What diagnosis have you been given?


It's very difficult to decide whether I have hyper. symptoms or anxiety due to massive stress in my life at the moment so have decided to chill with yoga and meditation over the weekend and see what happens. My thyroid is subclinically slow due to glandular fever years and age. I won't mention this to my dr. as I don't want her to reduce my dose. I usually tinker around with the dosage myself and it usually works very well and this is why I discovered the change so early because of how I was feeling.


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