Admitting defeat - what to ask when getting a doctors note?

I'm a twenty year old female who's been struggling to cope with an underactive thyroid for about a year. I'm in my final year at univeristy and I've never found it so difficult to do anything! The list of symptoms I suffer from is endless.

My medication still isn't right, the amount of levo i take changes regularly and I have blood tests every few months and I have to see a specialist ( an endo I think) in April about lumps on my throat :(

I've had to admit defeat and ask for extensions for my deadlines :/ but I have to get a doctors note about this illness and so on, but I've never had to get one before, what do you ask for? Will doctors give out notes about thyroid conditions? And I worry that my univeristy won't see that an underactive thyroid is an actuall illness?

Any help appreciated!

From a stressed out student.

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  • Hi Speak to your GP practice and they will provide a letter for you. This happened to me when about to take my final exam for post Grad dip The uni will have to follow procedure which they are doing by asking for the letter. You will be fine Go girl

  • Doctors definitely will give notes out for thyroid conditions (though my personal experience is mostly with getting one when hyper, but did also get one for when I was underactive following them lowering my meds to stop the hyper). I don't know if the judgment to do that depends on the GP but if you can't get one from one, try another at your practice? Hopefully you should be able to get them to write a note/letter if you explain how debilitating it is and how it is affecting your studies.

    As for the university, I believe from what others have indicated here before that thyroid conditions are covered under the disability act, for work, so I imagine that will apply for uni too but if you're worried you could always consult your student union and/or Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on it.

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