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i need to learn to self inject B12

i don't suppose there is anyone around watford/hemel, bucks or herts who can help me out? I've go my needles and hydroxocoalbamine is coming from Germany.

I had the loading dose at the GP and have to wait 3 months!!!! I am surviving on the subligual methycoalbamin - which works for short periods but the injections were brilliant.

PS my OH heard on the radio of a start up co who invented a 'star trekky' thingy that you just rest on your body to pass substances through the skinto replace injections. I think I'll lend them my savings!!!

It won't be long, I think though, now that's progress!

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are you going to do subcutaneous with the diabetic syringes? they are painless and so easy to do.


yes they are for sub cut - and don't need a syringe. I have some hydroxocoalbimine I kept back from the gp (2)!!

This is all new to me but I really worry about nueorological issues not correctly without enough B12.


My GP taught me to do intra-muscular (side of hip/butt) with a small blue syringe needle. If I do them they dont hurt but if the nurse does they do!


Can you please tell me where you are sourcing your B12? Are you going to inject more often than the recommended 3 monthly?

Thank you


I inject B12 intra-muscular, 0.5ml twice weekly and have given up in my injections at the GP's. I get my B 12 from my private Dr that I see in York.


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