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What levels are "normal"?

I have diabetes and have just had thyroid results back: TSH - 1.2 and T4 - 12.3 I've been "borderline", whatever that means, for the past couple of years apparently. ast year results were 1.5 and 13.5 respectively. I am cold all the time, my temperature is always low, constantly dry lips,hair, scalp and skin, tiredness and lack of energy, very forgetful... Any ideas what I should do? Fed up feeling unwell.

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I am afraid that you have not had an answer because we do not know.

Reference ranges for tests vary from one lab to another. Especially for FT4.

You really need to ask what the reference ranges are from, say, your surgery. Then post back and someone will be more likely to help.



Thanks for that, Rod. Will do.


Borderline - like being a little bit diabetic or a tiny bit pregnant......


Hi ,you are certainly dehydrated and need a lot more fluid, especially water.Who looks after our diabetes?If on Metformin, you need a B12 and Folic acid tested (blood ).For thyroid you need TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested + ranges ( most important). Diabetes is autoimmune and hormonal. You need vit D tested, hormonal, if low a corrected calcium test, if that Ok then treatment with D. Ferritin too. You may have autoimmune thyroid disease. if seeing a general endo for diabetes , then she would look after the thyroid too.If a specific diabetic doctor it is in their training too. If on Gliclacide, that may make you feel very ill as a funny drug. I hope that gives you some ideas.


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