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breavement and hypothyroid

Can the stress of breavement alter your thyroid level. My partner died last week and I am feeling more and more tired. I thoought it was the normal part of grief so I made myself go out yesterday and go for a walk hoping to feel better but I was exhausted after 0.75m. This morning it was even more of a struggle to get out of bed. Would increasing my levothyroxine help me.

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carer, I'm so sorry to hear your news, and send my very best thoughts to you.

Yes, such a stress can indeed affect how you feel. When my husband died a few years ago my daughter (to whom he was very close) went backwards, and did indeed increase her dose of T3. Apart from the loss there are so many practical things to deal with and she also had to be a tower of strength for me.

Please don't feel any guilt about feeling this way - it is very, very hard to deal with even for those of us who are well. Be as kind as you can to yourself in every possible way and indulge yourself if you can.

Grief is very hard to deal with. Personally I couldn't cry for several weeks until the anger set in with a vengeance, but you must do whatever you want to do to help yourself feel better.

With my very best wishes, Jane x x


So sorry to hear about your sad news.

My anesthatist cancelled an operation last week due to unstable thyroid condition AND because I had lost my brother suddenly 2 weeks previous. So I would say yes it does. Have felt very tired and out of sorts since.

Best wishes to you.

Moggie x


I can confirm from experience that what you are experiencing is very likely caused by the stress of bereavement. In 2005 I lost my husband (he was only just 54). My thyroid crashed, but I thought it was the bereavement alone. It took me 2 years to realise I was pretty ill and went to see my GP who diagnosed me as having hypothyroidism. A year later my mother died - again, I became very ill. This repeated itself with the death of a close friend, and finally, last July, my father passed away and I haven't recovered from the onslaught my body has taken since then. Tired, depressed, achy body, skin rashes, swollen glands, arthritis, infections, thrush..........

I feel for you in your grief. Be kind to yourself. Best wishes

Jen x


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