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GTT test

Before I see my endo again in a month I have to have a GTT test, whenever they have done a fasting test it has come back borderline for diabetes, there is diabetes in the family my brother has it and my dads aunt had it, I don't have any symptoms for diabetes at least I don't think I have but they still want to do it, I do have an underactive thyroid, IBS, PA, Vit D deficiency, osteoarthritus but don't understand what this test will find that a fasting test couldn't.

Any ideas?


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they need it to 'confirm' your diagnosis on paper.

the GTT will show them how your body reacts to a prescribed dose of glucose after 2 hours.


Hi The 6 hour GTT test is best, in fact my endo says the shorter one no use.It should also show hypoglaecemia (that is not diabetes ) If you have a normal Glucose blood test best to also have a HbA1c test too, If you are borderline diabetic you need repeat tests annual and more if you develop any symptoms, may be just sleepy! it is autoimmune and hormonal. In any case if borderline you would benefit from the diabetic diet, see diabetes Uk and the American site.

Best wishes,



I was told I was diabetic - when my thyroid meds were increased my levels dropped to normal range! - are you fully medicated on thyroid meds?


My son's diabetes has improved since he has been on Vit D3 supplements.


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