On T3 Only! How do I read blood results?

I have been on T3 only for 12wks. Have had 3 appointments and 3 different dr's opinions since then! each have a different idea. I have been on 80mcg a day for 3wks, have just seen a different consultant who thinks this is too much as she would never give anyone more than 60mcg a day and wants to reduce it! Is there a normal dose? i thought it was individual! and she read my blood results saying i was taking too much! Can u medicate T3 just from blood results?

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I don't know if this link will help give you info but this is an excerpt. Cursor down to question dated November 9, 2005

For someone taking 100 mcg of T3, we expect your pattern of lab results—a low TSH and high T3. However, your TSH and T3 levels are irrelevant to whether you're overstimulated or not. Two studies we just completed confirm other researchers findings: these tests are not reliable gauges of a patient's metabolic status. Many patients taking T3 have TSH and T3 levels like yours but still have severely low metabolic rates. Their metabolic rates become normal only when they increase their dosages further. Their metabolic rates become normal and they have no detectable overstimulation.


Thankyou, I think I will carry a copy of this for all drs I see.

to be honest when you are on T3 only therapy bloods are USELESS and should not be looked at.

'however' NHS doctors cannot 'survive' without looking at bloods, so:

do not take any T3 for at least 12 hours prior to your blood test (I leave 24 hours)

TSH will be suppressed on T3 only, especially on any dose of 40mcg or above

fT4 should not be tested as it will come back very very very low next to zero, however doctors do test it, maybe they want to see if you are 'cheating' and taking any T4 meds on the sly? ;)

fT3 even though if it is above range it will still be ok, NHS doctors will not like to see it above range hence why you do not take T3 before a blood draw :)

I take 160mcg daily of T3 prescribed by an NHS endo, so NO it is NOT true that 60 is the maximum you should take, that is just a 'suggested' dosage on the BNF and some medication leaflets, the dosage should be INDIVIDUAL, so whatever dosage makes you well with no hyper-stimulation (hyperstimulation in signs/symptoms not in bloods!)

You have confirmed my thoughts! I keep being told how lucky I am to get any! This was an NHS consultant, I still have puffy face, palps, headaches, muscle ache, etc that gets temporarily better each time i have increased. I fear I may be stuck at this level for the foreseeable. She said "I dont want to kill you by increasing it!". Hmmm

problem is, she can also kill you by NOT increasing it and keeping you hypo! they don't see it do they??? DOH!

Oh soooo true!

Can i ask is there a recommended time of day to get T3 bloods done?

well....your fT3 is at its lowest in the evening, so if you want to make your fT3 look lower for your doctor then don't take your T3 as I explained in earlier post prior to your blood test and have a late afternoon draw ;)

I only have blood done for my 'doctor's benefit' I don't really mind what my fT3 is, I 'know' I am well so I tend to have my blood drawn late whenever I can, that shows a slightly lower fT3 and does not make my doctor 'worry' about giving me all the T3 I take :D

Thanks very much for the help, i shall bear this in mind for my nxt bloods.

I'm confused about the cost of T3, if you get it prescribed by a gp or endo, what do you have to pay?

if you have it prescribed on the NHS then of course it does not cost anything to you, if you have it prescribed privately then it is VERY expensive. does that answer your question?

what about the dessicated thyroid?

I am on T3 only and have been for several months. Current dose is 62.5mcg. Read somewhere it shouldn't be increased above this level if over 50 years of age. Any thoughts?

Thanks x

'nonsense' :D

you should take as much as you need no matter what age, the old story goes: one should increase/decrease according to signs and symptoms not age or bloods :)

Thank you nobody's driving. Any thoughts on how quickly can I increase from 62.5mcg? I take it all at once in a morning as I have fibromyalgia as a major symptom of my hypothyroidism and this was information I gleaned on the late john Lowe's site. Unfortunately can't access his site now xx

Your doctor has probably read the PIL on the t3 tub which says from 10 to 60 mcgs a day

Jo xx

HAHA probably, and she actually told me to not believe everything I read! ironic

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