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Finally ... i think i maybe normal !

i have recenlty got my last lot of blood test results my TSH 1 & T4 17 which i'm hoping are ok for someone with hasimotos(hoping someone can confirm this) & has had right side of my throid removed is good ??

it has taken 2 years with a lot of shouting & tears at various doctors but thanks to this group i have been armed with enough knowledge to get the care i needed - it took me seeing a endo at xmas time for him to suggest i was taking my tablets wrong - i knew it was something simple like this but my GP kept trying to give me antidepressants!!

Maybe i'm getting to excited here but for a long time daily struggles were terrible, i'm back at the gym 3-4 times a week, staying awake past 8pm, not being so irritable - the down side is my acid reflux is a little wose at nightime but it is something i can cope with not bad when this time last year i thought i was going mad & having strokes every month!!!

it just goes to show that people who do not have a thyroid problem know nothing of our daily struggles - i hope that i stay happy for a few months & even if i do have another bad few months there is light at the end of the tunnel

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Great news :) If you feel well with these results then they are right for you. If you do have a bad few months again then you now have numbers to aim for with your blood test results :) Thanks for letting us know, as it's so great to hear when someone is feeling well :) xx


Great news - what a difference it makes to your well-being.


thanks - all the difference !!! xx


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