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Pre-Menopausal Improvement - Short Lived

I mentioned this in reply to a blog post and it was suggested I ask it as a question.

To set the scene - I have had "ME" for 37 years and had my menopause 5 years ago. 2 years prior to that my periods stopped for 3 months. During that 3 months I was bouncing around, full of energy and better than I had been at any time in the preceding 30 years.

Sadly, when my periods came back I went downhill and keeled over completely when I actually had the menopause.

What was happening in those 3 good months, and has that happened to anyone else.

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Sorry I really don't know, just a guess to check your iron levels perhaps (as well as other vitamins minerals, anything to help).

I was feeling quite well for a change this winter, then gained 9 pounds in a week end of Feb, then crashed with what started as a cold then heavy period (none for 4 months) and had to take a few days off work as so 'drained' plus muscle aches - also I'd run out of Vit D - I hadn't even had even a cold for ages before this.

Or perhaps it was a progesterone high? - no idea really just thinking out loud and wanted to reply. Jane :D


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