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How many more symptoms?

Hi i have just been diagnosed subclinical hypothyroid with blood results TSH 15.7,free T4 12.1, was put on 50mg levo which my doctor raised to 75 after 2 weeks. I had an appointment 6 days ago to discuss progress but doctor cancelled (pity because i wanted to tell her the dose isn't working). I can't get another appointment for 2 more weeks lol. Before diagnosis i was extremely fatigued, dizzy all the time, staring into space most of the time, severe confusion (coming on like seizures), extreme pain in back of neck plus lots more. just wondered at what dose my symptoms might stop, please someone tell me

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Your dose of 50mg is quite low and the chances are that you will need a higher dose. You also have other options. Some people need to have Natural Desiccated Thyroid or T3 or a mix of two of these thyroid preparations. It's a very personal thing.

When you see the doctor ask ask him/her to do more thyroid tests to see where you are now and post them on here with reference ranges. Ask for TSH, FT3, FT4 and thyroid antibodies. Also ask for Vitamin D and B12 as well as folates, ferritin and magnesium tests. These may give us a better idea of how to help you.

I am a firm believer in symptoms as an indicator of your thyroid status. If you still have symptoms you need further help.

There is a lot of information on the main Thyroid UK website including information on thyroid hormone replacement options which you may find useful

Jane x x


Hi Stuart,

I wish I could answer your question. I'm on 200mcg of Levothyroxine with very little to show for it. All I can say and I'm no expert, your results show you to be very hypo, so I can understand how you are feeling right now. You usually raise your dose by 25mcg every 4 weeks. You are still on a very low sarting dose. A rule of thumb I read is for every stone in weight you are you need 10 mcg of Levothyroxine. I'm not good at maths but if you are 13 stone for instance that would be 130 mcg of Levothyroxine, of course there are other factors to consider. Many GP's just don't have much in the way of expertise re thyroids and I'm afraid unless you are very lucky you run the risk of being under-medicated. You have to do a lot of research and go armed with info if necessary. There are doctors who leave patients on starting doses for far too long, The blood test results are only for a guide, if your symptoms aren't improving you have to keep reinforcing this. Unfortunately you could well find your GP doesn't know much about symptoms, therefore doesn't know how to examine you, and will merely look at numbers. It's a battle most of us are fighting. It is possible to still feel very poorly but have a great blood test results. You will get so much help and advice here!


Have a look at the hypothyroid symptom list here:

Unfortunately, even if 75 mcg were the right dose long term, it can take quite a long time for the full effects to be experienced.

And we keep suggesting that people also get checked:

vitamin B12



vitamin D

Do get your blood draws done as early in the morning as you can.



A TSH of 15 is not subclinical. That is quite obviously high. It could take quite a while for your body to recover.


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