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Some help with my latest results please

Hello. Could someone help with my latest results please. Ive been hypo for 4 yrs. Reduced fromm 100mcg to 75mcg a day of levo when I went on the anti candida diet. Im currently having an IV treatment to get rid of nickel poisoning I got from wearing a fixed retainer. Im do weekly injections of b12 and magnesium, take vit b, vit c, zinc, milk thistle supps as directed by my kinesiologist! Ive had cfs for 4yrs and just cant figure out how to get rid. Anyway heres my latest thyroid results! Ranges are in brackets...

FT4 = 21.7 (10.3-24.5)

TSH = 0.79 (0.4-5.5)

FT3 = 4.7 (3.5-6.5)

Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

Happy wknd

Anya xx

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Ask your GP if he will add some T3 to your prescription. Because your still have CFS you may still be undertreated, even though your blood test results look fine. Some people need to have a suppressed TSH.

If you email and ask for a copy of the article in Pulse online by Dr Toft and question 6 will be self-explanatory. Send a copy to your GP before your next appointment referring him to this saying you wish to try this method.


I wouldn't say that that FT3 looks fine! It's not even mid-range. Not surprised you feel rough. Yes, I agree with Shaws that you should try and get some T3 because your're probably not converting very well.

Hugs, Grey


Thankyou both. My doc wont do t3 only ive asked about it before... I shall look in to finding a good endo that will. Have you got any London based recommendations please? X


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