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A Recommended Endocrinologist?

I am now determined to get a thorough picture of my thyroid function profile and as such need to find a good private endocrinologist. I live in Essex. Can any of you recommend one please?

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Hi Holly

Have a list of NHS Endos, not Private and no one in Essex at the mo.

If you would still like it, drop me an email -




it depends on what part of essex you can always consider the london [ main teaching hospitals----generally better ] UNDER NHS choose and book referals i did ----and it really does work if you keep forcing the issue.... i am in essex , but also closer to east london. but that dosnt stop you choosing ANY hosp. in the country. you just need to assert yourself AND HAVE the correct info to get where you need to be ......YOU WILL GET THERE.JUST FOCUS AND KEEP STRONG


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