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Anyone seen the Throid DIY article in WDDTY magazine?They advise that goitrogenic foods r good for hypo and hyper thyroid!

The article is reasonably informative;and the DIY programme consists of taking adrenal and thyroid glandulars as advised by Peatfeild(taking temps and pulse..)But in the lifestyle changes section i was bit baffled that they advise hypothyroid people to eat goitrogenic foods ;brassica fam(cabbage,broccolli etc) and millet.It says "no matter the state of your thyroid,they help regulate it"!?

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I do not have much time for what I have seen in WDDTY - too many mistakes of various sorts.

Have a look at Mary Shomon's view:

I think her view is quite balanced. Many of the foods which contain goitrogens are, nonetheless, able to provide considerable nutrition. But if any seem to cause problems, avoid them. And, generally, avoid them raw.

The other day I posted about someone who suffered dreadfully by consuming large quantities of raw Bok Choi (Chinese cabbage) - but that was extreme.



No, they are wrong. Goitrogens impede the up-take of iodine by the thyroid gland so that it can't make as much hormone as it should. Excess eating of goitrogens can cause a goitre - hence the name goitrogen. I think they are confusing 'goitrogens' with 'adaptogens'! lol


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