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Hi im hypo on 100 levo 4 years now Ok so here's the question is this thyriod related?

anew twist to the to my thyriod life seems to be a new type of dizzy spell, ( new to me anyhow) this one hits mostly as im lying down, and then lifting my head to turn over or sitting up (carefully). As if trying to sleep wasnt hard enough

will be seeing gp soon as my yearly blood test check is due

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Yes, I have experienced this too, it's horrible. It was quite a while ago now, so can't be sure, but I think it was when my levothyroxine dose was too high... or maybe it was too low :D Anyway, for me it was definitely thyroid related. Will be interesting to see what your test results are :)


I can get dizzy spells lying down. At one point, before I was diagnosed, it was bad. If I was lying in bed and someone slammed a door, my head would go whizzing round uncontrollably. Any loud noise could set it off. It got much better when I was well medicated, and even better now I'm taking B12. Ask for a B12 test.



This sounds like vertigo which seems to be a symptom of hypothyroidism. It could be entirely unrelated but if you keep getting it, it is likely thyroid related.

Mine has been much better over recent months but I'm not sure what helped; sorting out my adrenals, taking B vitamins, sorting my vitamin D deficiency or something else. I know vertigo can be caused by calcium crystals in the semicircular canals so perhaps this is related to vitamin D. I don't really know, except to say that many people with thyroid problems also seem to suffer with vertigo.

It is nasty isn't it! I hope it clears up too. It's horrid when the room spins when you are trying to sleep :(

Definitely follow the above advice about B12. It could be the B12 supplements that I was taking that helped mine. Who knows? ;)

Carolyn x


thanks horrid about covers it

bloods tomorrow so will make appointment to chat about possible b12 and others.

I'd gotten used to dizzy spells hitting through the day, these ones are different.