Taking the pee !

I was doing some research and one thing led to another, you know how it is, can't concentrate on one thing at a time, have even forgotton what my original research was for, I digress . . . . anyway I came across this artical and it got me thinking about malabsorbtion, which some people have a problem with. Has any one any opinions or even tried this ?


Flat Feet

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  • Dosent HRT have horse pee in it? the evidence is good, I agree with you Malabsorbtion is a strong factor, not sure if I want to drink it though, lol. I think there was studies done many years ago about the effects of drinking pee.

    no not tried it, not considered even.


  • Hi Merissa

    HRT and horse pee never knew that, wonder whats in horse pee?


  • Hormones.

    Hence why one brand is called pre-mar-in - as in mare.

  • Pregnant mares. Hence the hormone content.


  • Hi Grey goose

    thanks for the link, don't think i would like to try :

    Premarin be used for the shortest period of time and at the smallest possible dose that is effective in alleviating symptoms because it can increase the risk of endometrial cancer, stroke, blood clots, and possibly dementia


  • I would never have taken it, either! In fact, I didn't take any form of hormonal birth control. I was pretty sure it wouldn't be good for me. As it turned out, probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. lol But I don't think any of them do you any good.

  • If you are meaning malabsorption of substances from the gut, well, if they are not absorbed into the body, they will not be in the urine!

  • Thanks Helvella

    Ahhh looks like im being dense again sorry, but perhaps it could benefit others who dont have malabsorbtion issues?


  • In terms of thyroid hormone, very possibly not.

    Much of the thyroid hormone we take is converted/metabolised before being got rid of.

    Some is made inactive by sulphation or glucuronidation. And these tend to bind it tightly and make it unavailable for further use - and tend to end up deposited in the gut.

    However, I do not know enough about the numbers and processes to make a useful statement like "yes" or "no"! :-)

  • Ok Thanks :-)


  • Would this not make a difference:

    Quote: All the beneficial substances are present in urine in very finely divided and highly potentised forms. As a result they are quickly absorbed from the stomach and the intestines

    (rabbits chew the cud twice as its not absorbed first time round (and I beleive cows or is it sheep too)

  • Cows. But it's still a pretty disgusting idea! lol

  • eeeeeeeeew ! :-(

  • ...I once read an impressive book - Your Own Perfect Medicine - by Martha M. Christy. It still didn't persuade me - maybe I will read it again ? ! It belonged to a Norwegian girl I met here in Crete who had an Ayeurvedic/Yoga Clinic in Oslo and spent winters studying in India. It is used as a treatment in Ayeurvedic medicine. She was one very impressive lady.....and she looked amazingly beautiful and fit. Wonder if she followed the remedy ?....forgot to ask.......!

  • Hi Marz,

    Thanks for this, I know my sister whos a nurse says that in the olden days they used to test urine samples by taste, salty or sweet. (poor nurses) and it told them something about their health. I do think theres something in this but im not sure what .

    If you find out anything it would be interesting to know.

    Flat Feet

  • ....I think reading the book would be good. Published by WISHland Publishing.Inc PO Box 41504 Mesa Arizona 85274 Hope that helps.... ISBN 0-9632091-1-6

    Good Luck x

  • They tasted the wee? OMG

    I know cows chew their cud, but they have 2 stomachs. Didn't know rabbits did too.

    Afraid I just couldn't drink urine. If it had some use, I could take it in tablet form. ;)

  • If you get biohrt, it isn't made of horse pee (which is collected in a cruel manner, too). The stuff they call progesterone in normal HRT isn't the real thing either - it is chemically similar but not identical (progestin). Go for bioidenticals if you need HRT.

    Of course there are people who swear by drinking urine (their own, I believe) ...

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