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T3 - timing of final dose of the day

Am a tad confused as to what should be the latest time I take my final dose of T3.

My first dose is taken when I wake up so could be anywhere between 4.00 am and 7.00 am. Second dose is late morning or lunchtime. Final dose is less than the other two.

Should 5.00 pm be the latest time? I never feel 'wired' on T3 if that helps.


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I take 50mcg of T3 per day, split into 4 (12.5mcg) every six hours. Midnight, 6am, noon and 6pm.


I don't know when it's best to take T3 as people take it differently. Some take it throughout the day, some take it all in one dose just before bed, some use the circadian method.

What works best for you?


I take it all in the morning in one go as taking it at bedtime at first worked well then it slowly gave me 'problems' of pounding heart and sleeplessness. I can tolerate no more than 12.5 mcg at bedtime.


Thanks for the replies.

I did try to work up to taking it in one go but ended up feeling pretty grotty. It would definitely make life a lot easier if I could do that!

As it is, timings end up different for every day of the week but that's just how it has to be.


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