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Horrible bug going about


Hi there

I came down with this, cough, sore throat, chest infection and general feeling of unwellness about 9 days ago. I'm still feeling lowwww, even though it seems to be easing slightly today.

Am I likely to feel low and recover more slowly with adrenal and hypothyroid issues? I know this is a longer than usual illness this but I'm still feeling low-low moods- after nine days.



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Don't want to be a wet blanket, but I got something like this middle of January, and I'm still not feeling I'm over it. Still coughing, sore throat still there some days. And just feeling horribly weak.

But you're a lot younger than I. So you could recover much quicker. Just be prepared for the worst and expect the best!

Take care, Grey


I can't recover from my sore throat too. I am weak as hell.

I hope you will get better soon.

E xx

Oh right, so I'm not the only one! I know of well people who are still with it 3 to 4 weeks later!

I just feel low with it, you know, low mood. I guess I'm interpreting it as me going backwards in general. My forward movement with this thyroid/adrenal thing having stopped :0/

What to do lol I don't think antibiotics will help will they....


Clairval in reply to sporty333

It is a really nasty bug/cold and last for ages. I went to the Doctor after two weeks and was given antibibiotics for sinusitis. My Father had a chest infection caused by the bug, hubby the same.

If you think you have an infection, maybe worth having a word with your GP. Low mood, tiredness etc was the same with me, think it is partly due to the bug, time of year and the dreaded Thyroid :).

Hope you feel better soon.


sporty333 in reply to Clairval

ooh great, thanks for the heads up C.

Its an infection yes, but probably viral, no? No point in taking antibiotics for that, is there. What did you father and hubby take then?


Clairval in reply to sporty333

HI. Hubby took amoxicillan but dad was given something different as his infection was worse. They are ok now. Although my son has just gone down with it and is really poorly.

No need if only viral, just takes time. The sun is shining today, surely that will cure all ailments :)

sporty333 in reply to Clairval

So begs the question, how long do I give it before considering it possibly bacterial?! Lol

Heloise in reply to sporty333

Next time, start taking n-acetyl-cysteine NAC immediately.

If you aren't running a fever, it is most likely viral. High dose of ascorbic acid is also effective as an antiviral.

sporty333 in reply to Heloise

My temps went higher than usual for 3 days. Is back to being low now though! Lol


I agree it's a nasty bug. I am all my family have had it, I had a high temperature for four days. Thankfully I am on the mend now, but it leaves you quite low. My grandsons now have this stomach virus, hoping I don't get that too as I have been helping my daughter to look after them. Roll on summer, hope to put the viruses behind us.

sporty333 in reply to Hidden

sorry to be so blunt but, have you- or anyone else- been coughing up green stuff? :0)

Yep, Ive got it atm as well. Now on my 6th day and tbh I feel a wee bit better today. Although I have hardly any voice and I'm quite breathless at times, my mood has lifted today, which is a good thing. Sending my well wishes to everyone who has or gets this as it's really awful. x

Yep me too. I started with it right at the beginning of Feb, just a cold - but when it normally would have ended it got worse. So started getting fevers on 10th Feb (my 50th birthday) and a dreadful cough.

This got worse and worse and on 13th Feb I woke with rigors and a temp of 104F!

This was pretty scary as it took ages to get temp down. Got these fevers on and off all day and night for 3 days.

So my cold had become Flu - or maybe I had a cold and then while still low I got flu?

That then developed into a chest infection - green gunk, coughing and breathless - despite 2 lots of antibiotics.

Then last week, things started to feel a bit better for 2 -3 days - and then its like I caught another cold - temp again, runny nose, sore throat - normal cold symptoms that I never had earlier, chest worse again and feeling utterly drained.

That has finally now gone too but the chest infection and general congestion of sinuses etc still lingers :( I feel totally exhausted and just so fed up of feeling so weak and ill. Even the tiniest exertion - like going upstairs - leaves me a coughing and wheezing wreck - and now the coughing sends shock waves through my sinuses and my head feels like its going to explode!

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy - so look after yourselves people. I should have taken longer off work and rested more - but in a new job so tried to keep going - and paying for it now.

sporty333 in reply to Vickiti

ooooooo, the pressures of life! you know, i've never known so many people ill all at the same time...or close together!!! Seriously! Dropping like flies they are!

I'm hoping i just stick to the one bug...thank you very much! lol

Good luck with recovery ! x

feelold in reply to sporty333

I too have had this bug. Within 4 days it had gone on to my chest. Went to see doctor with breathing problems and given double strength anti-biotics. A week later still not feeling any better and was told I had border line pneumonia. Again prescribed more anti-biotics and steroids. A week later feeling much better, but like you feeling really low, no energy and very hungry! I was beginning to feel much better before the bug with my hypothyroidism but seem to be getting all the old symptoms back again. Wonder if it is all the drugs I have been given? Hope you feel better soon.


sporty333 in reply to feelold


Thanks for your reply.

Yes that sounds like my bug! Lol I've not bothered with the gp though as its more than likely viral and so no point. People I know have told me this is what the bugs/illness is like so got to ride it out. I think my cough/chest is getting a bit better today. I feel I am the other side of it now..... Although still symptomatic.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with it and feeling the same thing. I'm in no doubt this will hit us hypothyroid people more than most. It will take us longer to get over i guess.

Like you I was making slow but steady progress in the right direction, then you get this and it makes you feel what's the point! I guess one of our many setbacks..... At the end of the day.


Hidden in reply to sporty333

Please people with infections read the stuff on here and on the internet about how high doses of Vitamin D3 stop you getting these things, yes it's true the research is out there and on here, I've got loads of links but it's late and I need some sleep! Good luck with the research it's amazing.

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