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Can anyone elaborate further and explain some of the financial advantages to Medical Centres to avoid a diagnosis of thyroid problems?

I read when a GP makes a diagnosis of depression - this is a higher rating than a diagnosis of thyroid problems. So, the longer we are undermedicated, the more issues we have, the more times the GP can diagnose 'depression', the higher the rating of the centre... Is this true? Then we have the free scripts for life, blood tests and treatment. Seems there's a major financial issue for the NHS/medical centres to avoid diagnosis of thyroid problems - am I correct in thinking this?

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One can only assume that GPs would be happy to put us all on an assortment of pharmaceuticals to increase their funding.

My feeling is that the GPs I've encountered over the last few years who've been aged under, say, 40 years old, know diddly-squat and furthermore aren't interested in patients.

There is a Department of Health paper that gives figures for every surgery and its conditions. Depression figures highly.


Thank you. It's such a pity when earlier intervention, a higher dose or different type of therapy could avoid depresssion (therefore the assortment of pharmaceuticals) for so many.


My understanding is that GP's get paid points around £133 each from memory and each conditions get a certain number of points. So Thyroid TSH is 7 but depression could be double that. Therefore if a GP does a full depression assessment and dx at the time of consultation they can claim the points. This is not done on a per patient basis but as a percentage of their patients, so they will have to be able to say if they are audited that they have met the percentage limit for that condition in order to be paid.

I dont know if this method is the old PCT payment system or will be carried over into the CCG. I dont understand what difference it will make to GP surgeries or Medical Centres. Obviously the bigger the number of patients with the condition the more money they get which is fair enough.


Thank you APsnotFab. I saw on a comment yesterday that thyroid is rated as 1 and depression as 12? I've no issue with more money to centres where number of patients with a condition is larger but its only fair enough if the diagnosis is correct and it's not being done to get a bigger payout :(


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