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Are my test results normal???? Why do I feel like I do ?

I recently posted my story and received several very helpful replies but was told to get my blood test results and put them on. I did this but think I must have put them on the wrong place as I haven't received any comments yet. However, I have just read RoloHibbs fantastic blog( so pleased for her) and I am wondering if I am making a fuss as my bloods do not appear to be that much out of line- What do you all think.? I still have the cramps in muscels and feel down and cannot loose weight etc etc.

In case results went amiss- here they are again.

Sorry to be a pain but advice would be appreciated as I don't know what I am doing and every one here seems so knowledgable.

TSH- 2 mU/L 0.27-4.20

free t4 - 17.5 pmol/L 12.0-23.0

Free T3 - 4.7 pmol/L 4.0-7.8.

(I have put my levo up to 100mcg per day myself and am taking it at night as suggested which does seem to have helped the muscle pain quite a lot) and I am still taking the B2 time release tabs.

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Is that TSH 0.2?

For some people they do not feel well until their T4 is towards the top of the range - same for T3.

How long ago did you swap to night taking?




I think the TSh is 2, no? If so, that is too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. Should be under one.

The T4 is about mid-range. Could be better.

But the T3 is way, way too low. Not surprised you feel rubbish!

I think these results indicate difficulty converting, so you might well do better if a little T3 is added to your levo;

Hope this helps, Grey


Many thanks for this. I cannot wait for my next endo appt. the only trouble is now- what sort of reaction am I going to get when I confront him with the info I have gathered. I have only been taking medication at night 3 days ago but I cannot believe the improvement in the way I feel energy wise and also I haven't had to take diclofenac for aching joints.

Please God it continues. I have also upped my Levo to 100 mcgs from 75.


Hi From that result you could well need T3 on a script. I like most people need my FT3 to be near the top of range, yours is really low in range. I think if you had say 20mcg T3, a starting dose. After a month, you would feel much better.Split into 2 and try to take 12 hours apart. A lot of people find it better to start on half the prescribed dose and gradually increase as a very powerful drug. Normaly people need the T4 in top third of range, as a rough guide.



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