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Advice please x

Hi I need some advice my thyroid level has dropped even though gp will not tell me how much it has dropped he's put my meds up and has decided he needs to see me again end of April I spoke to him today and told him the pain in my back is getting worse he told me to take every day painkillers and I also mentioned that the brain fog is getting worse he told me he had never heard of this and I was being stupid ? Please can anyone give me any advice on how they cope with the pain and brain fog I'm going away in April and don't want to be in so much pain when I'm out there so any suggestions will be a help xxx

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I despair of GPs getting the message. You are entitled to know the results. And this link explains some more about it:

The General Medical Council says this on their web site:

Good Medical Practice: Providing good clinical care

2. Good clinical care must include:

a. adequately assessing the patient's conditions, taking account of the history (including the symptoms, and psychological and social factors), the patient's views, and where necessary examining the patient

In my view, what you have described suggests that the GP is not following that very well - and is not taking into account your views.

BUT!!! What you asked about was handling the brain fog and pain.

So far as I am aware, thyroid brain fog only ever gets better when the thyroid hormone levels recover. Even then, it takes time.

At the same time, as we so often suggest, some things are often low in people who are hypothyroid and they can contribute to brain fog and pain. They are:

vitamin B



vitamin D

Please try to get tested - if your GP will not help they can be done privately but that will cost.

All the best



I'm going to ask to see another gp I think he made me feel as if I was insane when I said about brain fog he said there is no such thing ? I had a feeling it would only get better when my levels came up thank you for your help. Xxx


GP's know very little or even nothing about clinical symptoms. Ask your surgery for a print-out of your recent blood test results and post here.Also put in the ranges (figures in brackets) as it makes it easier for people to comment.

I am sorry you are in pain.


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