Before I went to the GP I was healthy ..(Tongue in cheek)

After I got married and the wife encouraged me to go the GP when i am not well or something is not right ,,

Since then I have been diagnosed with Thyroid issues ,OSA, high cholesterol,Vit D deficiency ,depression low b12 ,a BMI over 30 and dry skin ....

If I hadn't started going to the Gp I would be healthy :>:>

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  • Well if you had gone before you got married, she would have either married someone else or checked your life insurance very carefully... :-)

  • LOL....

  • Lucky you have a good woman to look after

    Moggie x

  • That I do ...:>

  • Brilliant- although light hearted quip there's a lot of truth in that! Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

  • So true ...

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