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NDT on the NHS - how do you get this prescribed?


I've done a search on this site but nothing came back. I think you can get it - but I think you have to have something specific written on the prescription. I don't want to get my doc in trouble!

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deskplant in reply to Hidden

I've printed this off for my GP. Many thanks.

Hi Some people do manage it. My Gp wil not although I cannot take thyroxine. I have to have a private script from an endo, expensive! If you do this be sure to shop around pharmacies as some charge a £ 100 more than I pay!

Best wishes,


Wow, thanks for this ladies most helpful :)


The majority of GP's will NOT prescribe it. Its unlicensed in the UK and as such the GP has to take full responsibility for treating you with it, the majority are unwilling to do so. Whether you are better on it and can prove it or not doesn't seem to make much difference, At the end of the day its their responsibility, also they have to put a case to the PCT for it to be funded, and I think most cant be bothered with the added work.

Don't mean to be negative here, just dont want you to get your hopes up, expecting them to give you it just because they can, on a named patient basis. No harm in trying though.

Most GP's won't prescribe it because of the cost, nothing more. Most PCTs will fund it if its prescribed by an endo. Its a daunting path because the huge majority of endo's would laugh in your face rather tha prescribe anything that would help you!!

Try having a look at Thyroid Patients Advocacy's 'Doctors that do' list and see if there is someone you can get to see, you need a referral from your GP.

LouiseRobertsAdministrator in reply to Glynisrose


Thyroid UK have a list of Private GPs -




Thanks Louise :)

TPA's endos are NOT private, they are NHS and therefore don't cost. It is unlikely that anyone will get NDT from a GP full stop, they are not knowledgible enough to listen to your symptoms and act accordingly, GP means General practitioner and they are not experts.

Get a referral to a decent endo who will actually listen to you and prescribe NDT.

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Glynisrose

Not all GPs are as you describe Glynisrose. Mine was more than happy to prescribe desiccated thyroid for me when I asked to try it. It was the PCT refusing to fund it that caused a problem.

PinkNinja in reply to RedApple

Same problem with my GP and T3. He was more than happy to prescribe it, and even spoke to the senior partners about it, but the request was refused. It seems they were happier to prescribe anti-depressants, blood pressure medication, statins, painkillers etc at a much higher overall cost.

My GP does prescribe me my NDT. The endo prescribed it (unwillingly) to start with and both he and my GP were so amazed by my recovery, that he agreed to prescribe it for me on the nhs and fight the PCT if that became necessary. Good luck ;) xx

Raindrops in reply to Clarebear

Please can you give me the contact details for your endo...it is difficult finding one who is sympathetic!

My GP prescribes my NDT and after reading the info I gave her from TUK put my case to the PCT. The consultant physician at my local hospital also recommended it but my GP had already prescribed it on a named patient basis. I had tried both Levo and T3 first but was very unwell on both.

Wow, thanks so much everyone. This is very helpful. My GP says she won't prescribe it as it's beyond her remit. She wants me to have the Endo do it. Now I'm very worried that I'm not going to get the right Endo and he won't do it. Oh, Lordy. This should be so easy. It's criminal it's a marathon.

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