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My son's blood results

Hi, my son is 11 years old and was suffering with headaches, tiredness, feeling sick, panicking etc, took him to the doctors and he had a blood test, these are his results,

Serum TSH level. 4.92. (0.66-4.14)

Serum free t4 level. 16.4. (11.6-21.5)

Serum urea level. 7.3. (2.5-6.5)

Potassium. 5.7. (3.5-5.3)

There are other results but these are the ones that didn't seem right to me but the Dr says that he is fine!!

She is still going to send him to see a pedatrician as she doesn't know why he would be feeling the way he does,

Anyone have any suggestions please

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Can you ask her to do a free T3 test? As his TSH is out of range the lab should do it. She needs to state on the form that previous TSH is out of range and perhaps they will do it.

His potassium and urea are high. Surely these are a concern for her? It could be a kidney issue or just dehydration. These need repeating to make sure. Kidney dysfunction can cause the symptoms you describe, although I've not seen panicking listed. Also dehydration causes similar symptoms. Mind you, many children panic when they feel unwell.

It's good that she is referring him. She clearly doesn't have a clue and is doing the responsible thing getting him seen by a paediatrician.

One other point - Check that these are the paediatric ranges as they can be different from the adult ranges. I'm not sure how you go about checking that but perhaps someone else can help with that.

I hope you get the right answers so he can get well.

Carolyn x


Hi Yes the Free T3 test is vital. Also the Potassium is dangerous at that level. How were the rest of his U`s and E`s? Especially the GFR.? Does he drink plenty of fluid? With high Potassium he also needs a magnesium test. they are both electrolytes and together with calcium and sodium ( also) must always be in rage, too high causes problems to kidneys and too low to the heart.Urea above range is fine as not too high.potassium can be just due to not enough fluids. It needs correcting because harm to kidneys is renal failure, very nasty, personal experience.You do not say what field the paeds is. so make sure they cover these subjects, not just the endo side. they should but you need to be aware.

Best wishes,



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