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"Racing" heart...


I have just taken my pulse several times (sitting down on the sofa) because my heart felt like it was racing. I though it must surely be in the hundreds as it seemed so fast. I took one reading of 79 (I was feeling a little anxious that might heart might be racing) and then a couple more. The last one, when I'd calmed down and realised my heart isn't "racing", was a very respectable 64!

Now, that might not seem particularly remarkable to most people, but for someone who is used to her heart rate dropping into the 30's when relaxed, 64 is positively racing!

I have to say I was quite worried initially that I was over-replaced but I actually think I am near my optimal dose now. I do wonder if perhaps the high dose sublingual B12 is also helping. It is since increasing my dose to 5000mcg that I have noticed the biggest change. I'm also feeling nice and warm at the moment, like I should be.

Now to get the rest of my energy back and lose some weight! :)

Carolyn xxx

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welcome to 'being normal' Carolyn LOL :D

I really think your body was used to be so under-replaced (I mean COME ON 30?????) that now normal feels 'strange' :) xx

I think you're right. 64 feels really fast! :)

I find that my heart seems to race when I need an increase... However my racing is 80-90 :D Sounds like you are getting close :) xxx

PinkNinja in reply to Clarebear

I think I must be pretty much there. Now just to lose some weight!

My basal pulse is around 64 ish, what I've been finding is my pulse racing to around 106 especially after eating... If anyone knows why.. Please let me know. It's very uncomfortable.

Hi Are you sure your HR ( Pulse) is not swinging? ECG will not show this, only measuring HR at least 3 times a day, including when feel "off". If irregular then you need a 24 hour home monitor or better a 7 day one,It doses non stop ECG`s.It could be Atrial Fibrillation , that is more likely than other arrythmias. If it gets to a permanent 180, 200 and not swinging ,then , it is important to go to hospital 999.

Best wishes,


Racing pulse after food can indicate food intolerance - see what particular foods make a difference? Common inflammatory ones - wheat, eggs, corn, soya, milk, peanuts, sugar or anything over-sweet and various others - refined grains, meat - sorry - long list!!! This seems to correlate strongly to autoimmiune and hypothyroid issues - from experience and reading up various sources - google 'inflammatory foods autoimmune thyroid' or something like that.

Hi Carolyn, Hopefully that is good news. I would starting doing my HR three times a day ,just to check on it! Funny as my B12 is just about only thing that I have that is OK! Be aware of the electrolytes especially of magnesium. However, like you ,I think it has to be good news!

best wishes,


PinkNinja in reply to Jackie

Thank you Jackie :) I am taking my HR fairly regularly now, partly because it is such a novelty to have a pretty normal pulse!

I am going to try and persuade my GP to do a full electrolyte panel. They often do sodium and potassium and my sodium is often low so I have to add salt to my diet. I have recently learned that it could have been due to my adrenals so it will be interesting to see how this has changed now my adrenals are much better :)

Carolyn x

Jackie in reply to PinkNinja

Hi Carolyn,

Good idea. I have weekly U`s and E`s ( sodium and potassium, the GFR most important kidney result) and magnesium done and calcium every other week. I expect you know that Mg. potassium, calcium and sodium are all electrolytes.Low sodium can often cause heart and kidney problems and especially low BP. My sodium is a nightmare but because of my heart and kidneys being so bad. if sodium goes down to 125 or BP very low ( kidneys) 999! My adrenals are low but cortisone too dangerous for me, I cannot even have a local injection into the joints any more.They have improved a bit with the correct thyroid treatment, as I as told they should and tried homeopathic, useless! It is so hard with a family, I had a terrible time as so ill,bringing up my children, long ago ,thank goodness!

Best wishes,


Hmmm Low salt that sends warning bells for me . As both my children have recently been diagnosed ( By me - Hospital as now almost caught me up ) with Addisons disease .

Salt craving & low salt are a sign of that .

Yes, I recently learned that. I don't think I have Addison's as my blood pressure is no longer dropping and I'm no longer craving salt, but I will keep a check on it. I think I had temporary "adrenal fatigue" as a result of not being treated properly for my hypothyroidism and having two children that didn't sleep!

I do get my sodium checked regularly. If it is low next time I will ask for adrenal tests. Although a lot of my adrenal symptoms have improved, my TSH is always low regardless of T4 and T3 levels (another symptoms I have just learned of!) It's trying to persuade the GPs to do the tests that's the problem.

Well done diagnosing your children! It is really worrying that the doctors didn't pick it up. I hope they are both well now.

Thanks for the info :)

Carolyn x

I'm beginning to thing a 24 hour saliva cortisol test is a good idea. Perhaps this is the last missing piece of the puzzle?

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