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Sense of smell and taste

Anyone else lose these senses & deafness too?

Great if you're changing the grandkid's nappy but putting 'off' milk or salt instead of sugar in someone's tea? I do a lot of embarrassing things - luckily at work they just think I'm daft.

But the fuzzy head & deafness feels as if I'm missing the point and I'm in a different world! I'm finding it so hard to do my job (factual minutes of meetings) Senses did return after my op along with the tremors, coldness etc. disappearing.

Fed up of feeling not normal xx

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I had anosmia which has improved greatly as T4 has been increased but I still don't have a good sense of taste or smell.

My hearing symptoms was tinitus and deafness which have both improved but not gone completely however the scary problem was that sounds didn't make sense, hard to explain. Does this sound making sense strike a chord with you? I can't find a good way of explaining it.



After my op I did have a lot of deafness, couldn't smell before which I find is a big advantage!

I actually went to have a hearing test and see a consultant, but before the appointment it got better about three months after op. Consultant said it was a very common problem sometimes it can be a side effect of anasethetic.

Hope yours feels better soon. x


Thanks for the replies...

Paul - yes also I can't identify where sounds are from either, general confusion.

Birdy - strangely things were clearer after my op - I could smell & taste & no dull noises in my ears after for a while - You really notice what you've been missing! but it's sneaked back now.

Funny thing is it comes & goes. I asked the ENT consultant before my op if it was anything to do with thyroid & he said no, I get false smells too - I wake up convinced something's burning!

Of course I haven't really mentioned everything to doc, she already thinks I'm a hypochondriac! and thinks I've got ME/CFS. Ho hum,

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, Jane x


Hi Spareribs,

I have a problem at the moment with deafness Had an infection at the start of Jan had antibiotics but it left me deaf!GP said on Friday that he hopes it will improve in the warmer weather!! But all I can say I hope that you get better because for me when I speak it is eckoing all around my head and I think that I'm shouting at people.

I think that my problem is all linked with my sore thoat and tongue etc but at present I'm only on 50mcg of meds with the chance that they will be taking me off meds!!

All Best wakeham.


My hearing isn't what it used to be and the infernal buzzing/ringing!

I also smell burning - it usually smells like cigarettes :( sometimes the smell lasts constantly for 2 weeks or so. When it first happened I thought my son (aged 10) had been smoking !!

I haven't told doc about this either, I'm sure they already think I'm a basket case!


Just a note - I haven't had a cold, sore throat or anything catching! tooth & jaw ache maybe....

Do we think it's Vit D deficiency or thyroid related or just a co-incidence?

One thing is for sure, you begin to doubt your senses!

(and QI says there's more than 5)


ooh and chocolate - folks really thing I'm strange not to be bothered about it!


Hi Sparerib's, I've suffered with my ears hissing for ages, which is rather off putting, also when I was put onto Levo I found that my taste for certain foods changed, dissapointingly I now no-longer like the feel or taste of chocolate which was one of my only pleasures. I'm keeping on trying every now and again just to see if I've gone back but nothing yet..!! Sigh.. Also I quite like the taste of coffee now but used to avoid it!! But the fuzzy head hasn't improved much still having many blonde moments. Perks


Sorry Perks

my blonde moments have been & gone, now apparently at 50 they're 'senior' moments x

Anyone get food cravings? like salt, peanuts, bovril or even liver? Not chocolate, biscuits or cake like normal people - Yep I'm weird x


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