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Have been doing a lot of research over the weekend (along with another member of this site) and I am putting our findings in front of my GP on Wednesday, but to complete our research I need the inactive ingredients of Teva. Would anyone happen to have an old patient info leaflet to hand with this info on.


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  • I'm assuming you mean the Teva levothyroxine? I have found an online pdf of the PIL for the 100mcg and the 50mcg tablets. The ingredients are listed near the bottom under "other information", I believe.

    I hope that helps :)

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks Carolyn your a star.

    Moggie x

  • You have to be a bit more specific than that!

    25 mcg Teva were always made by Goldshield (now Mercury Pharma) and identical to the other Goldshield tablets.

    The information you wish re 50 and 100 mcg tablets is, as for all UK and several non-UK thyroid hormone products, on the main TUK site here:


  • Didn't realise it was there too. I'll have to remember that :)

  • Thanks Rod

    Moggie x

  • Your big problem is that dextrin covers a wide range of substances.

  • Pardon?

    Moggie x

  • The dextrin in Teva is not a simple thing but a wide range of substances with varied specifications.

  • Maybe I need to explain.

    Over the last two weeks, after being taken off of T3, I have been on 75mcg's T4. Tried (with GP knowledge) to up the dose to 100mcg's but pounding/skipping came back within two days so reduced back down to 75mcg. Must add here that my hypo symptom are back BIG TIME.

    Over the weekend I had two very frighteneing nights of my heart acting like a steam train - and I mean so fast that I didn't think I would see the morning so I have had to start splitting my doses of T4 to 25mcg's a time, which is still a bit hit and miss but loads better.

    My pulse, within 30mins of taking 25mcg's T4, goes from 64bpm to 78bpm and within an hr its up to high 80's/low 90's. Conclusion I have made is that there is a filler in the T3 and T4 that I am not able to handle.

    Ran this past my GP this morning and also asked for a trial of liquid eltroxin (just to see me through this op) but the most suprising fact is that she DIDN'T disagree with my findings - in fact she admitted that she has a patient with similar problems to mine. I gave her ALL the relevant info I could think of, including my now wheat free/almost sugar free diet (which I think is helping me to convert my T4 better) and the upshot is a blood test today to see where my levels are and then, I think, a trail on liquid eltroxin (at first she told me the PCT will not allow this until I then told her they would HAVE TO as I cannot be left without any medication).

    Also suggested I self medicate on Cytomel with her monitoring as this does note contain either Acacia powder or Magnesium Stearate which are the two common denominators in both our T3 and T4 (thought it was the latter but now not sure) and was pleasently suprised with her reaction (anything to save money).

    So Rod that is were I am at - now unable to tolerate either T3 or T4, op scheduled for two weeks time and heart still misbehaving.

    GP has also suggested a cardio, which I have said yes to.

    Moggie x

  • I am not 100% convinced it is a filler as such that is causing issues. (That is not to say that I know it is not! Merely suggesting that the net be cast a little wider.)

    All levothyroxine products contain a spectrum of breakdown products and impurities. The specifications for the products identify exactly how much of what is acceptable - but it does include a very small amount of unidentifiable substances. For example, and simplicity, a 100 mcg levothyroxine tablet could contain up to 1 mcg liothyronine.

    Precisely which other substances are in the tablet, and how they are bound and released, will depend on what else is in there. So the excipients/fillers might be critical but not necessarily in terms of what they put in as ingredients but what ends up being in there by the time you swallow it.

    Trialling liquid Eltroxin does seem sensible. And Cytomel might also be.

    But the dextrin in particular could be of many different types from several different sources so it is very difficult to make any use of knowing it was in Teva tablets. By the time it has interacted with the other ingredients... goodness knows.

  • Thanks for your input Rod - it's just got all to complicated with hardly any time to sort it out.

    Moggie x

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