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It is not just physical activity that can wear us out is it? who can identify with feeling much worse after stressful situations?

I don't find it tiring just sitting chatting one to one (after all I do talk a lot) but I cannot cope if another conversation is happening next to me.

I feel totally drained after many situations, talking on the telephone is so tiring. I avoid the phone where I used to always be chatting for over an hour sometimes.

If only we could cancel all stressful situations. I was upset about something last week and crashed for two days. It is as though everything is magnified 100 times.

I have only recently been able to socialise again and can only cope with going out with friends if I just do nothing all day, having a lie down in the quiet beforehand.

I just don't know how some of you can cope going to work because you have to be on the ball. I just wouldn't be able to concentrate for longer than half an hour! Still, I am still improving, early days maybe.

Do you feel the same?

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I am finding everything a bit much just now - I have 5 kids still at home and a part time job with surestart, some days I just feel so tired and panicky and unable to even call people and could just climb back into bed and pull the duvet over! And I get moments of real - well - desolation sweep over me (I have had depression on and off over the years and have learned to manage it with meds and good thinking strategies) This desolation is unlike anything I've felt before and the sensible part of me knows its the illness and meds doing it, but I really really can't wait to kick the arse of Graves disease!!


A definite no!

A lot of non-physical things can wear you out completely as well!

After a session of heavy "thinking", I find myself drifting away from what I was doing too, and sometimes it gets hard to concentrate on a single thing for more than couple of minutes too :-(


I can definitely understand your situation. I find long periods of concentration very draining. Conversations, I sometimes have to really, really focus and even then struggle to comprehend what is going on. Don't get me started on the social thing! Days out invovle a period of hibernation afterwards in order to recover. Today is an example, had a lovely afternoon out yesterday but about to hit the sack as I'm soooo tired.


Well, I am not imagining this bit either then. I have found that my stamina for social stuff and having long indepth conversations is waining - if someone is talking to me for example at work I find that I am fighting to stop switching off some days - and hope that I have not got an obvious glazed over expression - and yes this only really happens when there are other conversations or noises going on around me, nightmare in a busy pub/restaurant!!

I was trying to explain to a friend that I actually stopped contact with some of my friends/acqaintences after I had moved away from that area because I found it harder to have long telephone chats and was concerned that two who are lovely but much stronger personalities than me would want to come and visit etc and the effort that would involve in entertaining - I have changed a lot and didn't know what was going on with me - why I had become like that, as I have always valued my friendships - now I realise why this may be. I really want to feel the energy to enjoy life more again and not feel that I have to shy away from stuff because of how it overwhelms me and makes me tired!


I feel the same, was never like this before, used to get on with things, never thought about it before. But now, everything seems like a big deal, even tv programmes seem to stress me out and I can't watch them. Just stick to comedy or light entertainment. Stayed up watching a tv programme with my Mum the other night, so got home a bit late, the programme was just a normal swashbuckling film but I didn't sleep and felt so tense the next day and even today I am feeling anxious. I have become a nervous little bird that just wants to stay local and not go anywhere let alone on holiday. I turned down several invites over Christmas, I would have been so excited before. Hopefully it will fade, hope you feel better by now.


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