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Pulsating Thyroid can anyone help? please

Have Hashis and had 3 parathyroids and part or Thyroid removed last year. Have been having pulsating area where my scar is which I think must be my thyroid. pulsating on and off for a while now, had thyroid checked few weeks ago and Dr said was normal, but im still very tired dont sleep well and major brain fog. Does anyone know if this could mean that Thyroid is struggling? or anyone experienced same thing? Thanks


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Good Morning,

I am sorry you are not feeling so well.I cannot answer re your op but the fact that you are still very tired etc. and seem to have hypo symptoms.

If you can get a copy of your recent blood test results complete with ranges (as labs differ) and post them on another question, someone will try to help. State your dose of meds too and I assume it is levothyroxine?

Best wishes


Hi Shaws

Thanks I will do, and yes i am on 100 levothyroxine

Corinne :)


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