Abbreviations and Acronyms - Updated

Abbreviations and Acronyms - Updated

I recently blogged about a list of abbreviations and acronyms I have created:

Latest version now available:

Please note: If I do things right, this document name should be static - so you will always download the latest version. I will not change its name.


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  • Thanks Rod - very useful. I have another one - NAD (nothing abnormal detected) - very annoying one, particularly for thyroid sufferers :(

  • Done!

  • :) How about BD which I think means twice a day in latin. My endo put something else as well which I think was Latin for three times a day..? Sorry if I am being a pain...

  • I included b.i.d. - but not the bd form

    tds and qid are in there!

    I was unsure about including these at all because there are deprecated in UK and USA - so we should not see them in any current documents. But did because we might! As you say your endo did.

    I want this document to include all the ones we regularly see - but do not want it to become too large and full of things one person might see in ten years. A difficult balance. But am very happy to add as appropriate.

  • As in "BD to Z-Victor 1"?

    (Only for the oldies who remember Z Cars.)

  • Rod, over here Z cars would have referred to Datsun 240-260-280 Z cars. I owned a couple of 280 Z cars. What does it mean in the UK? PR

  • A police television program from the 1960s.

    There are quite a few episodes on YouTube - the signature tune is extremely distinctive, one of those where, if you know it, the first note identifies the program.

    Z-cars is sometimes used to refer to the Ford Zephyr and Zodiac motor vehicles (from around the same time) - and I have wondered if Ford's current day Zetec branding is an echo of those names?

  • Oh yes I remember the theme tune now - think my dad watched I - don think was allowed to :D

  • Well, folks, the only episode I have any specific memory of was one which starred Judy Dench:

    Funny to think of her as a young hopeful actress given her status these days.

  • Thanks Rod, that was great fun. Cultural context is difficult if you don't live there. The police genre seems to be popular on both sides of the pond. PR

  • I remember it. Watched it in my early teens! Thanks for your list.

  • I particularly like WAT, white adipose tissue, how attractive.

  • Well, that depends... pretty cute here:


    xx ;-)

  • There is also BAT brown adipose tissue. Involved in heat regulation.

  • It is on the list!

    Some suggestions in research that human WAT and BAT are slightly different to most (possibly all) other animals.

  • Sorry didn't get as far as the B's

    I beieve BAT has only a small role in humans compared with animals and is most in evidence in new born hairless animals and reduces as the animal gets fir or hair. Also in hibernating animals as a fuel generating source during winter.

  • :-)

    What I read, and half-remember, is that although adult humans appear to have very little BAT, something acts as if we have a bit more than had been thought.

    One suggestion is that individual BAT cells hide within WAT. Another is that human WAT can, under some circumstances, act like BAT.

    Whatever the truth, there does at least appear to be the ability of substances such as Uncoupling Protein 1 (UCP1) to induce thermogenesis within the body - precisely what can happen in babies and hibernating bears!

  • There is also NFN seen on patients notes. Normal for Norfolk

  • *like*

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