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Please can someone help me understand my test results?


Thanks everyone who replied to my first question.

I saw my doctor today who gave me a print out of my blood tests from my previous drs surgery as well as the ones I've have since moving to this practice. He was so nice and is ordering some more bloods to be done, including the ones suggested to me by those who answered my previous post.

He even took the web address so he could check out the Scottish Parliment presentation and also thyroid uk web address. He asked me loads of questions, most of which I was unable to answer, but my appointment took over half an hr which showed to me he really wants to help and understand, I hope.

Ok so hopefully someone can now help me understand my results...... I have a few..... They are very up and down.

TSH range is 0.20-4.50 mU/L Free T4 range is 9-21 pmo1/L

30/09/2011 TSH 1.44 T4 14

19/04/2012 TSH 9.09 H., T4 14.

01/06/2012 TSH 4.54 H., T4 14.,

29/08/2012 TSH 2.9., and

08/11/2012 TSH 4.5

So are these readings an indication I could have a problem or not? Do I keep pursuing?

Thanks in advance

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Hi You could have but you need your T4 re done ( it may need to be higher) but more importantly Free T3, If GP will not do one pay through the site if possible, see bloods. I use Blue Horizon, they do an intermediate test , all three for £61 if you quote TUK 10. Very simple and good ,all post and on line.As Tsh is going up, this could also lower this. These were the standard tests for treating now, it is all about costs.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie,

I feel like I'm losing all hope at the moment, I have no life except when I absolutely have to go to an appointment, which my poor retired parents have to take me to. My mum thinks I'm clutching at straws, but I can't just accept that my breathlessness, weight gain, heart problems to name a few symptoms, are all separate and that fibromyalgia is what's wrong with me. I used to have a life...... Now I'm looking at mobility aids!

I think my doctor said the labs won't check my T3 but he would request it anyway and see if they do it or not. If they don't I'll do what you suggest and have it done through this site.

Thanks again


If I can help you further get back to me. I had undiagnosed hypo ( autoimmune)f for many years, I had to sort it out myself in the end. So, make sure you are treated correctly. Thyroid disease can be rally debilitating and effect so many things.often anxiety , depression etc are misdiagnosed, so much so that one of the first tests a Psyche does is thyroid function ( 3) tests Perservere!

best wishes,




Think I'm just getting desperate, as need answers as to why I've gone from a very active person, to feeling like my body is giving up on me. I'm only 44yrs old but i feel like im 94 and when my parents take me for one of my appointments I'm constantly having to tell them to slow down and as I can't keep up with them and have to lean on my mother instead of the other way around. Perhaps this is just the way it's gonna be from now on and I should just learn to suck it up. I've been told I probably will go on levothyroxine at some point based on the family history and my tests, In the meantime I'm stuck like this, feeling like my body is attacking me.

I've had so much stress in the last few years including my daughters death and taking on my granddaughter, so I really need to feel well again so I don't need to rely on others so much helping with the school run etc., she needs me fit and as healthy as I can be.

It's all a waiting game I guess, bloods next week, results the week after that, then based on that I'll see if I need to go for the tests through this site after all. Thankfully I have parents who are willing to help me pay for tests or to see someone privately, though I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible.



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