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Antibody test booked via different GP but he wasnt anymore helpful about meds

Spoke to a different GP and they agreed to do the antibody test but that's where the good news ends. Doc said they would not consider any treatment until I reach a TSH level of 10. When I explained how tired I'd been feeling plus other symptoms, he said we would need to look into other possible reasons for this - it wouldnt be because of my thyroid !

He said the antibody test is just an indication for the future and that result wouldn't change their view on medicating me. He also said I would need to have the 'common' symptoms of hypothyroidism aswell before meds were started.

I stopped arguing at that point, incase he changed his mind about the blood test - so never found out what the 'common' symptoms were, weight gain i presume?

Got Dr Tofts book today, so I can get swotting x

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That's what they have been told in the guidelines - to wait till 10 and it is awful if people have terrible symptoms. They keep giving you any number of meds for symptoms instead of thyroid hormone because they haven't a clue what they are.

This is what a virologist says and if you feel you can sign his petition, that would be good.


I have Hashimotos, have had if for years, and was only diagnosed a few months ago......I suffered with allergic reactions to everything and "asthma" attacks (never had asthma and at 25 to develop it seemed odd ...I'm now 30) that came every single night and day preventing me from being able to sleep or function as a human being....I went to Poland where, after telling them my symptoms, without any blood tests they said it was Hashimotos, they felt my neck and felt a goitre and then gave me blood tests which confirmed...oh and an ultra sound on my neck also confirming the goitre!...they put me on levo and after 2 weeks I could see a difference...I then came back to England armed with my evidence and they re-did my bloods...My TSH is and always has been "within range" (under 5) but because I had started on levo and saw such a big improvement I was "allowed" to stay on it....I am currently fighting to keep the blood tests going and to stay medicated's a hard fight and one which I feel I am only winning because I have a GP who seems to be logical and looks and responds to evidence given (most of the evidence I get from asking questions and reading things on this site).....I had to change GP's several times before I found him and would suggest to anyone who can't get their GP to help them that they also private testing for bloods if need be and get onto the meds you need and if it works and you can see it working then go back to your NHS GP and show them, tell them until they listen. Unfortunately it is a battle :( ...good luck! :)


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