such a lovely NHS doctor, radcliffe hosp,and brain doctors,

i have been watching the brain doctors at the radcliffe hospital, dr jay-- is so lovely and human. he is a brain surgeon, like s to keep his own patients under his care, he gets choked up telling parents possible bad news, he has a wife and two kids and treats his patients as he would want someone to treat his own family, he says-- when i know that something is good or right for my patients, i want to give it , do it for them and to hell with the cost. there are some angels out there, they just need finding. his last op was on a day old baby with spina bifida. , saying this baby will be with me now for 18 years under my care. lovely surgeon.wednesday evenings.

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Yes, Pettals, there are some lovely, compassionate doctors. I didn't see the programme and it would be very emotional to watch.

on every week shaws..

I am out every Wednesday p.m.

I know many doctors like that myself :)

Thats cool :)!

Met a few young Dermatologists recently who sound very promising. Might be getting t the bottom of my antibiotic problems at long last!

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