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Am I just making excuses!!!!

Hi, these are my blood test results frm dec 2012

Serum free T4 level. 19.5 pmol/L. 9.00-28.00 pmol/L

Serum Tsh level . 0.12 mu/L. 0.00-5.00mu/L

Serum Fsh level. 21 u/L. 2.00 - 20.00 u/L. It does say by this that its compatible to early menopause. But they have not let me know.

I was diagnosed in march 2012. These were my results-thyroid peroxidase antibody level - >600 ku/L. 0-34 ku/L. I persume these were quite bad because I felt like @hite, lol.

But I don't feel 100% now and still can not loose my weight. Are my bloods results ok???? N do I need to pull my finger out n pull myself together. Please be honest.nthanks in advance.


I'm also ging back to see specialist on Friday for MRI results because I get really bad pains and aches in legs,feet and ankles, but thinking now this must be to do with thyroid :((

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Hi Are you taking vit D? the norm for osteopoena ( early osteoporosis ) is both of these. however , the calcium must have been tested first, the d can make it go above range and this is very dangerous.Of course, being on calcium can too and should have been tested ,on D repeat tests.Regarding the thyroid and weight. This could well be Free T3. you need a T3 test as you may need treatment with T3 on a script.However only if it is in range. most of us need it high in range to feel well.The other thyroid bloods look OK to me but I would still be suspicious from what you say, of the T3. It does also lower the TSH.I hope that helps. If you see an endo? then the osteoporosis treatment , D, thyroid and much else is their field.



Hi , yes Jackie I do take calcium with vitamin D, I've been taking them about 6 years, but to be honest I haven't had another density bone scan, my doctors haven't bothered sending me! I haven't had my calcium tested since I was diagnosed. Do you mean the vitamin D can make the calcium level go high and be dangerous?? Im still struggling to get my head around all these different tests :(( I've not had a vitamin D test either, is this advisable? Sorry if Im sounding bit ignorent.



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