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thud thud thud thud thud thud thud

Thats the sound of me banging my head against the wall!!!

Saw the quack, full of hope thinking he has seen the blood results and agrees that I need a second opinion if not starting on thyroxine.

Then he uttered the words I now detest....


Yep, as my bloods are "within normal limits" he doesnt think it warrants a second opinion.

I tried to point out that the doc he sent me to in the summer said that my blood results were too far apart and needs addressing. Same f-ing words were said.

He thinks its CFS, and is referring me to a doc that specialises in that, and thats going to mean yet more flamin months of exhaustion, hairloss, etc etc etc. waiting to be seen. I did tell the gp...... Cheers, you wont be happy till I have lost my job.

I know I only work 15 hours a week, and that my sunday shift is the worst as I am in all day, but I need the money. I take painkillers with me, and often resort to them. I try not to, as I dont want to get used to them, in the way that they wont work.

Devastated at the moment. dont know what to do. I dont know of any GP's in the area that is sensitive to thyroid problems without referring to the outdated blood linits.

Ann xx

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CA, I didn't click into your post, sadly knew from the title it was a let down, and was annoyed for you. (that is polite words).

then I tried to resist answering (hoping others more helpful would!) - 4 hours later, just can't.

I'm in your situation - CFS suggested = no meds offered as 'normal' too, so not been back to quacks. (pacing etc. just doesn't cut it for me).

OK what to do now, what are these 'normal' results - have you got numbers and ranges? get them and post. (even if you just feel you are trying to do something).

But don't dismiss the offer of a CFS clinic, others have said they do try & help and it MAY lead onto actual help via elimination. They say 'go with the flow' even if it feels like you're going nowhere. it's a road without a satnav! ((hugs)) Jane :D


I'm so sorry...

I wish the medical profession would ban the word 'normal' and start using the word 'optimal' instead. They don't seem to understand that working a long day competently needs 'optimal' and 'normal' is not enough.

I heard 'normal' myself two days ago from one of my GPs and cringed, thinking to myself this means 'undermedicated'...

Good for you for pointing out you could lose your job. Could you put this in writing to the surgery, get actual figures (my current battle) and make a written complaint?

Good luck


Did you know that you can get a referal from ANY medical professional involved in your care? It doesn't just have to be from your gp, maybe if the CFS specialist is more understanding then they could do the referal for private care, although they will probably want to exhust all of their tests first, would be worth asking them though when you see them if they will consider it when they don't find anything else wrong!

My endo has refered me to rheumatology (got appointment on Monday) for CFS/Fibro as he says that my problems can't possibly be related to my untreated autoimmune thyroiditis, and even though half my family have thyroid problems etc etc.......

I know it means yet more frustration of waiting for you but got to be worth a shot.



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