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I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 6 yrs ago

I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid 6 yrs ago, I have to take 125mg of levothyroxine on a daily basis. for the past 6 months I am feeling extremely tired, putting on a little more weight more of a reaction to being cold and my hair is thinning anf have alot of hair falling out. My doctor says that I am on the correct amount of medication, so why do I feel like this.

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Hello Jacqui8 and welcome to the site. Doctors often tell us that we are fine if tsh is in range. This is often not the case, and most people actually feel well if their TSH below 1, or even suppressed. Do you have your actual test results? If so then please could you post hem on here (together with the ranges) and we will hopefully be able to help you more. You are entiled to these results as they are yours. Xx


It could be a conversion problem or it could be due to the well known fact that you need a little more thyroid meds in the winter.

If your B12, VitD, Iron or ferritin are low then your levo wont be converting to T3 properly. If you haven't had these checked then maybe you should ask your GP to do so.

Why dont you get a print out of your latest results and post them on here (with ranges) and let people comment on them, it just might shed some light on a possible cause for your remaining symptoms.

Moggie x


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