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Pulsating Thyroid, what does this mean?

Have Hashis and had 3 parathyroids and part or Thyroid removed last year. Have been having pulsating area where my scar is which I think must be my thyroid. pulsating on and off for a while now, had thyroid checked few weeks ago and Dr said was normal, but im still very tired dont sleep well and major brain fog. Does anyone know if this could mean that Thyroid is struggling? or anyone experienced same thing? Thanks


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Before I had my toxic thyroid removed (making me very hyper) it felt as if my thyroid had a life of its own. I could feel what was like a strong independent pulse when I touched my thyroid. I used to describe it as 'racing'. Now that it has all been removed it has stopped.

I hope this resolves for you very soon.


Hi France,

Thanks for your help :)


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