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Does anybody else not this hypo related?

This may be entirely unrelated but as many of my other problems have turned out to be hypo related I was just wondering whether anybody else out there literally doesn't feel the need to drink? For many years now I have had to force myself to drink, I can go an entire day with only a cup of tea in a morning to keep me going and it doesn't cross my mind to have a drink because I don't feel thirsty. I obviously understand how important it is to drink and do try to force myself to consciously drink more but it's a daily battle.

Could my hypothyroidism be a factor in this or is it unrelated?

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Interestingly I never get the urge to drink either. Is that because we're holding on to all that fluid in our cells?

Alcohol never tastes quite the same either.


I've found this question quite interesting as well; I'm not fussy when it come's to food but I've aways been fussy about what I drink and my mum has always fussed that I don't drink enough, as quite often I could go most of the day without a drink. I didn't even like soup when I was a child because it was too much like a hot drink. Sometime's I have wondered if that's the reason why I've over eaten in the past as my body make's me feel hungry so as to ensure it can get the fluid's it needs.

Anyway that deffinately isn't the case now, and hasn't been for quite some time, as I make a "consious" effort to drink plenty of water. Even so I do get days where I forget to drink and rather strangeley I do get time's where I feel very thirsty and I'm drinking water all the time; this make's me want the toilet a lot which say's to me that I probably didn't need to drink that much and I've wondered if the messages of thirt is something else and not that I need to drink!!!


Same here, I can go days without drinking much and then days when I will drink water non stop. I now find that I will drink in the mornings (about 3 cups of tea) but after about 2 oclock I can go the rest of the day without a drink and it doesn't seem to bother me.

Moggie x


I'm the opposite. I drink gallons of water a day (well, probably 1 gallon a day!)

However, I'm not very good with alcohol. A few sips and I'm away... I find it safer to avoid it!!


Me too! ;)


Wow, I didn't expect so many people to have the same symptoms! My endo is sending me for lots of tests next week so fingers crossed I get some answers on this for us all.


I am surprisedYes equally surprised both my daughter and I have underactive thyroid and rarely feel thirsty and have to force ourselves to drink. Friends have to ask for tea and coffee as we forget to offer. I also do not drink alchol very often and prefer to stick to a cold drink when out but I drink maybe two small glasses of lemonade when others have 6 or 7 drinks and that is mostly for something to do with my hands.


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