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Hi - been underactive for 13 years now been on thyroxine 100mcg same dose throughout this time. Passed 6-9 months been feeeling shattered

tired run down, twitching eyes, spotty skin - went to GP for check up, he done blood test here are my results:

serum TSH level 0.25mu/L (0.35-5.0)

serum free T4 level 16.4 pmol/L (9-24)

Red blood cell distribution width 13.0 (11-15)

Wonder if anyone can help, do they sound normal as I dont feel normal - felt a bit fed up by the time I left as he said all was good. X

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Hi Mandys. What about your B12, D3, Ferritin levels? If they are not right then you might feel shattered xxx


Hi Mandys, well, that FT4 could be higher, but you really need an FT3 to get a better picture. It could be that that is very low, and that would account for your symptoms.

Hugs, Grey


Hi Edysia are these vitamins? B12, d3, ferritin?

I asked gp about taking a multi bit and he said rubbish don't bother.


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