Found a lump on my throat - worried?

So Im 20 years old and I've had an underactive thyroid for about 10ish months now, give or take. And i now take 100mg of levothyroxine.

And I've had a really sore throat and had difficulty swallowing for a couple days, I put it down to maybe having an infection or something but I found a lump on my throat today and I'm worried, it could be nothing right? But I'm beginning to worry it's related to my thyroid, does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? Thinking of making a GP appointment but I don't want to waste time if its nothing.

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  • Make an appointment straight away, it's probably something simple but get checked out! you are not wasting their time!!! :) x

  • If I were you I would make an appointment with your GP if only for your peace of mind, it could be a goite and they can sort it out for you.

    Try not to worry even though that's easier said than done.

    Good luck and keeo us informed.


  • Hi You need an ultra sound of the thyroid. You could also do with a Free T3 test when you next have TSH and T4 done.That is just a stating point. It may not be significant.


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