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Help understanding the levels - Doc says I am subclinical?

Hi - back from the docs with results in hand! TSH level 5.78 (range 0.35-5.5) FT4 11.1 (range 11-23) comment is 'high' but also MCH (mean corpuscular haemoglobin) is 32.3 (range (27 - 31) and comment is 'high' . I see from googling (!) the 2 are linked? Doc wants to leave me a month and test again - what are your thoughts?

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Did he take notice of your symptoms?

I'm 'subclinical' too i.e. no significant symptoms but raised TSH - well I have symptoms! so I think this means borderline - in laypersons' terms.

FT4 is low, can't comment on slightly high MCH sorry.

did you get FT3 done too, have your tests done first thing, and been offered a trial? J :D


Retrogirl, for the TSH the normal range is 0.35-5.5, from 5.5-10.0 is considered subclinical meaning you may develop symptoms, or problems, later but you usually are not regarded as hypothyroid now. The problem, of course, is that many people are hypo both in the normal and subclinical range. What are your symptoms? On the FT4 you said the results were 11.1 with a comment of high. If 11.1 is correct you are at the bottom of the range, it is not high, please clarify. In fact although the TSH is regarded as the "Gold Standard" it is a highly inaccurate test, it is only useful as a check on pituitary function. It would probably be a good idea to get the full panel if you can including TPO AB and Tg AB if you haven't checked the antibodies yet. Symptoms are very important, how are you feeling? Also there is much controversy over the 'normal range' of the TSH. PR


Hi - thanks for your answer. I went to docs with symptoms so am not asymptomatic: extreme tiredness, feeling cold all the time, putting on weight a bit and altered appetite. But I also have very dry skin and have lost the outer 3rd of my eyebrows! I didnt mention these at the time tho. Both my Mother and Grandmother had pernicious anaemia (B12 deficiency) and wanted that checked and she did a full blood screening and results indicate thyroid.


Hi Make sure you also have a Free T3 test,it might be very revealing! It is not easy NHS, some people pay a nominal amount through the GP for it. I now have to use Blue Horizon through TUK such is the NHS.

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