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Hi everyone - I had a routine test last week, results as follows:

Free T4 = 16 range 14 to 26

TSH = 0.014 range 0.35 to something or other

I was on 150mcg thyroxine and 60mcg thyronine but as my free T4 is low, advised the doc that I would increase to 175mcg. He was happy with that. To be honest he leaves me to regulate my own doses which is great, however he is so relaxed about it all I wonder sometimes if I should be worried lol !!

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I definitely don't think you should be worried as most of us would like a GP such as yours. As long as you are feeling good that's fine.


Hi Yes you are very lucky. it would be even better if your GP would also test Free T3 ( not easy NHS) but it is possible eventually you might also need t3 treatment. However, it is best to stick with what you are doing at the moment.



Hi, thx for your replies, Jackie - I thought thyronine is T3, have I got it wrong ? =\


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