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Doctor frustration!

I've just been speaking to my doctor again, I've lost track of how many times that is this year. I asked for my thyroid test results and was told that as my TSH was 1.4 they don't take T3 and T4 readings. My symptoms seem to be getting worse all the time, feeling hot, headaches, sweating, muscle & joint pain, blurred vision, and recently acidy smelling body odour/urine. I think my doctor has just got fed up of the sight of me and has now referred me on to an Rheumatologist. Is this a good thing? Or should I look to get an appointment with a private doctor? Paying for an appointment isn't ideal but I just want some progress! I'd really help any help anyone can give me.

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You may as well see the Rheumatologist before going private. With a bit of luck he may be aware of hypo clinical symptoms although he may not want to diagnose you.

This is from Dr Lowe


Hi Yes I agree but also make sure you are not diabetic some of this meets that description.A good rheumy will do most of the tests you need. If it was me ,I would also pay through TUK ( bloods ) for a thyroid test, Blue Horizon is good and easy. The intermediate test , TSH, T4 and Free T33 is £61 ( post) if quote TUK 10. very easy and quick.If the rheumy good ask him to refer you to an endo also ,a tertiary referral is always best, quicker and they normally know which docs to avoid!

Make sure you have the treatment you think you need.

Best wishes,



Thanks for your replies, it's much appreciated. I've been in touch with TUK and they mentioned the test kits. I'll get the Blue Horizon one as it's worth £61 to either find out or rule out if it's a thyroid problem. Also, by chance I got my letter for the rheumy today so I'm booked in for a months time. I'll put all my results up on here as I've got more help off the members than my GP.

Thanks again,



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