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Thyroid replacement nightmare.... has anyone tried holistic therapies?

Hi all,

My mum was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in June 2011. During that time, her thyroxine replacement levels have gone up from 50mg to 75mg to 100mg. However, she still doesn't feel back to her old self.

Has anyone had any success with any holistic/alternative therapies?

Your input would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Cate

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Hi Cate

Have you got her latest thyroid blood results? Has she had Vitamin D & B12 tested?

Which levo is she on, does she always get the same one? Taking it with water only at least an hour before food and not with any other supplements?

All of this info will help people to better offer support. :-)




Hi Cate

This makes for interesting reading when thyoxine is increased with little or worse results.

I have a good doctor who has kept mine at 50mcg while working on my adrenal fatigue with diet, vitamin supplements etc Low D3 and iron for me :-(

The point is highlighted in red towards the end of page four on the site. There is a lot to read and digest but worth it to get a better understanding of hypo and adrenal fatigue.

Basically, the more thyroxine given, if adrenal issue isn't addressed, the more stress on the adrenals.

Sadly, lots of other things have to be considered and addressed and it's rare that just taking a tablet and carrying on as before cures hypo - I found this out the hard way :-(

Hope all the other lovely people on here give you lots more advice, there are many well informed people on here and I'm still learning heaps:-)



Jonesey, how did you find out about your adrenal fatigue? Did you have the saliva test? Is the dr able to work with your adrenals while keeping you on the levo? I am also recently on 50 mcg and am waiting for results to the test.


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