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Hi, I asked my GP for a blood test last month to see if I had a thyroid problem as I have several symptoms, the most noticeable of which is hair loss. I have gained weight, get tired, have brittle nails, etc. I was told my test result was normal. I can't accept this without further tests but my GP is unwilling to let me have more tests despite having so many symptoms and he has no interest in my hair loss. Apart from how I feel, I don't want to lose any more hair. I have seen on this site that it's possible to get blood tests privately and to see specialists privately. My problem is, I have lost my job and have not been able to find another one, and have now just turned pension age, so I can't afford private help, unfortunately. Does anyone know how I can get more tests or a sympathetic doctor without spending a lot for private fees?

I have one more question. Last summer my feet and lower legs swelled up so badly they were almost double my normal size and I couldn't wear shoes of any kind and had a hard time walking. At the time I didn't have a GP as my previous one was struck off and I hadn't found another. Eventually, the swelling subsided, but I wondered if this might be connected to thyroid problems and whether I should mention it to my GP now, or whether it will be viewed as hypochondria.

Any help or suggestions, would be much appreciated.



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Do you have your actual TSH and T4 results? If not, call up the receptionist and post them here. If they refuse to give them to you, you do have a legal right to them.


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