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Appt with doc

Appt with doc

After lots of advice on here plucked up the courage to go and see doctor again I had an 8 appt this morning.My doctors doubles up as a walk in clinic where you go when you can't get in at your own.So went in armed with last test results and info from Dr.Toft about suppressed Tsh told him my symptoms he agreed to blood tests but the lab doesn't test vitamins apart from iron,folate and b12.So I'll have to get vit d tested myself.Then as I have never known whether I underactive thyroid was auto immune or not asked him about testing anti bodies he looked at notes said that they had been tested when diagnosed and it wasn't auto immune.Now that is a shocker!

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Vanessa, I guess they are only obligated to tell you what you HAVE, not what you don't have. Pity. But it is good news.

It's good that you are learning all about the questions you need to ask..... (that is, if they give you the opportunity.) Vitamin D is so crucial and more than likely you'll show a deficiency. It would not hurt to take at least the maintenance dose of D3 straight away.


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