90% microbe and 10% human - really? who's in control?

OK old news (new to me 'tho) but a recent post was interesting...


here's another (shorter)


and this is why we should look after our tummies? and they will look after us.

maybe this is where we should be looking first, give them real food and stop killing them to feel better? J :D

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  • Jane, I discovered Bonnie's talk a couple of weeks ago and I have to confess it is one of my favorite presentations. There are all kinds of conversations or 'signaling', taking place in the human body and we are just beginning to realize that many of them exist. Tata's article on "Looking For The Mechanism of Action of Thyroid Hormone" is a good overview on what we understand about 'signaling' in regard to thyroid receptors, which is not enough..


    Metagenomics is just fascinating to me. PR

  • Do bear in mind with gut microbiome research that most of what is currently known has been learnt over the last 5 years and there is still lots more we have to discover.

    Ray Medina has a blog where he explores and discusses the research as it appears.


    Another blogger with an interest in this work is Lucas Tafur


    I think the overuse of antibiotics both in humans but also in meat production is having a damaging effect on our gut flora, which is why I would like people to improve their natural immune function by attaining and maintaining a NATURAL vitamin D level around 125nmol/l 50ng/ml which enables the body to achieve it's maximum anti-inflammatory potential that provides an anti inflammatory balance enabling good commensal bacteria to thrive and dominate the more pro inflammatory pathogenic varieties.

  • Thanks Spareribs for introducing me to TED!

    Bonnie Basler's presentation has me in a state of concept-shift. It's so exciting that scientists like her are leading teams of researchers.

  • Well thanks S/ribs you posted a while ago and just got round to it.

    Bonnie Bassler as addictive as Brian Cox. Bookmarked, hopefully I will remember.

    Info.... usually beyond my attention span.... here made simple & fun to learn.

    Do love a demistifying microbiologist.

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