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How can I get an accurate diagnosis?

I have been suffering from what I think is an overactive thyroid for approx 3 years. I have visited my GP on approx 10 occasions during that time and had blood tests completed which have all come back "normal". The symptoms I have are as follows: Excessive sweating, constantly feel hot, pressure headaches (temples), blurred/hazy vision, palpitations in legs and occasionally below my eye, joint pain, achilles pain, calf pain, constant tiredness, moodiness, low / no sex drive. All of this is making me extremely depressed (I'm not on depression medication). My doctor has now referred me on to the hospital but I'm waiting for an appointment and I'm at the end of my tether. Please can anyone help me on how to get an accurate diagnosis and ideally recommend an understanding doctor somewhere in Manchester, Lancashire... Anywhere!

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You may have to go private and if you email and ask for details of sympathetic doctors.

Many doctors will only diagnose you by the TSH and ignore symptoms and this is a video of 2 women who appealed to the Scottish Parliament the other day and are trying to help change things for us with thyroid gland problems.


Number one: Get your actual numeric results (and reference ranges).

Number two: Ban the word "normal". :-)

Number three: Post the results.

Someone will surely answer and try to help you when you do that - though hopefully anyone with experience will also respond now.


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