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My Health – Our new section on Thyroid UK Online Community

My Health – Our new section on Thyroid UK Online Community

Thyroid UK is very pleased to inform you that with sponsorship from Erfa and Actavis, we now have an exciting addition to the Thyroid UK HealthUnlocked community. It’s called My Health and it is a tool that lets you build and track your health profile over time and see how it compares with everyone else (anonymously of course!)

You can enter your symptoms and medications and day by day and week by week you can track the intensity of these symptoms and over time build a comprehensive graph of your condition.

You can enter your data from any date you wish so that you can get an overall picture of your health from when your symptoms started.

Tracking your symptoms not only helps you understand the impact your condition has on your life but also gives you the data you need to have a “shared decision-making” conversation your clinician. In addition to these personal benefits, you can anonymously share your data which can help transform the lives of others.

Relevant questions and blogs from other people based on your own condition(s), symptoms and/or treatments will also be put onto your page.

To start using My Health you need to go to and join the community, if you are not already a member. You will then be able to access My Health from the green bar along the top of the screen.

Once you enter My Health, you will need to complete a short survey of your conditions, symptoms and treatments. Once this is completed, you will be able to add more information such as intensity of symptoms, the addition of more conditions, symptoms and treatments and how these change over time.

To guide you through the process, there is a yellow "Explain this page" button on every page. Alternatively, you can click the green feedback tab to send HealthUnlocked any questions you may have.

We hope that you find My Health a useful addition to your community and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

We would like to thank Erfa and Actavis very much for their sponsorship of this new innovative piece of software which, we are sure, will help thyroid patients enormously.

This information is also posted on our website news page here

3 Replies

I am sure that My Health will be very useful and it is generous of the companies to sponsor.


Huge thanks. I'm sure this is going to be a really helpful tool


I hadn't looked at the 'My Health' section lately -

now there's more info and posts visible from other groups per symptom - you are aware of overlapping symptoms with other communities, & I hope this will help HU members. Jane :D


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