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Very odd neck symptom...what on earth is it????

...I havnt had this for a long time BUT I used to get it quite a lot.

T'was only when I was stressed and it felt like someone was squeezing the soft part of the front of my neck, like the back of a hand gently pressing it in.

The GP at the time said it was called 'Glaxo Hystericullus' or similar!

Thyroid symptom?????

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Globus hystericus

Often regarded as being all in the mind or caused by anxiety. Considering how many people mention swallowing here - from goitre, from nodules, from being hypo or hyper, - this is a very real issue with very definite causes.



Thanks Rod!


yes it is as rod says, I have that intermittant, globus hyteria, another name for it. its not anxiety it the result of hyper or hypo. g,p makes me so cross arghhhhhhhh xxx


lol just seen a post that indicated the same answer as me, sorry didint see it. xxx


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